This story has taken a lot of re-writing and plot-changing to get just write. It’s about time travel, alternate realities and butterfly effects. I’ve been working on the sequence of scenes for many years in order to get them just write.

This story was inspired by the concept that Tolkien sort of put forth. When the Age of Man began, perhaps they could develop out of a world with dragons and glowing-fireball-eyes and into paved roads, airplanes, and Snapchat. Perhaps… but the only way to find out is to travel back in time and with the help of… nope. I can’t tell you what the stone really is just yet. But Flygue Sootna knows.

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Author: Elijah Buchan

Writing is not just a passion or a hobby for me; it's my expression. I've been creating my stories since I was a child and am so humbled to see them featured on greenleafwriting.ca!