A Space Pirate’s Life For Me

My best friend, Ben Ward (who moonlights as Michael Draw) shared a story he was working on about a Sci-Fi pair of kids on a junkyard planet working as slave-orphans for a Madame Zolan. One of the kids’ parents were killed by space pirates and almost immediately after reading about that my mind began racing. I knew it’d be so much fun to write a story about space pirates!

And it was/is! The best part… Nax. This is hands down one of my favourite characters. He’s spicy, witty, adventurous, and cockroach-like annoying: the crew can’t get rid of him! He’s got a secret that disappoints even me, though! I guess that’s the downside to letting my imagination write stories instead of my own will.

I am debating stretching this story into another series of stories. I’d use this as a back story for a whole realm of space piracy! But I may just cut it short (after the second episode) and leave the rest up for imagination. We’ll see.

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Author: Elijah Buchan

Writing is not just a passion or a hobby for me; it's my expression. I've been creating my stories since I was a child and am so humbled to see them featured on greenleafwriting.ca!