Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Green Leaf Writing?"

ANSWER: Green Leaf Writing is a rare website that combines the concepts of community forum sites, author profiles, and e-reading experiences into one platform. The goal of GLW is to encourage and introduce amateur authors to specific audiences who favour CLEAN CONTENT. Currently, there is one author: Elijah Buchan.

"Where is the next chapter?"

ANSWER: Elijah writes daily. But he works a full-time job, has 2 kids, and is a part-time university student. Although he would love for every story on GLW to be complete, this isn’t the case. If there is no next chapter available for a story, this is because it’s not written. To change that, head on over to the Connect page and VOTE for your favourite story.

"Do I have to pay for the stories on greenleafwriting.ca?"

ANSWER: Nope! You can sample anywhere from 1 to 6 chapters/scenes of a story! From there, you’ll either be directed to Amazon to purchase the rest of the story or to Patreon where you can subscribe for a small monthly payment of $3 for exclusive content and stories.

If your question hasn't been asked, head on over to the Connect page and ask away!

Find the right story for your mind's next adventure!

Novel: a collection of Chapters averaging over 50,000 words total

Story: a collection of Chapters or Episodes averaging between 10,000 and 50,000 words total

Short Story: a collection of Scenes that totals less than 10,000 words

Series: a collection of Novels or Short Stories

Scene: a written account of a character’s experiences regarding one topic or event averaging 1,000 words

Episode: a collection of Scenes that relate to one single Event

Entry: a first person account of an event. Often recorded with a date

Chapter: a range of Scenes covering either one or multiple events and characters averaging from 3,000 to 7,000 words

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