If a story could blow up… this story is the one.

Originally, I had conceived the title Kingdoms which would feature four brothers who warred against each other. I knew there would be some kind of book hidden away in a cave, guarded by little lizard people, and I knew it was going to be epic. I take credit for those parts of the story, the rest… just blew up.

I began writing the first scene of Chaos in 2014, I think. I imagined it perfectly and described it as I imagined it. And then the character we learned about: lost. I figured the king wouldn’t like it so he killed him. Or did he? When Ful wakes up at the bottom of the throne room, we start to realize there are some uncharacteristically tender feelings to this king…

The kind of thought process is how Chaos was written. It literally unfolded itself. And then over the course of the next 6 years, the entire Saga showed itself to me one day at a time. New races, kingdoms, characters, books, short stories, enemies, and even classes of species arrived on the pages on my writing app. I was just privileged to learn about the world of Teros first!

I feel this story is necessary as it is a Fantasy story that doesn’t have witchcraft, course language, or sexual content. It’s clean! And that makes it rare. And needed.

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Author: Elijah Buchan

Writing is not just a passion or a hobby for me; it's my expression. I've been creating my stories since I was a child and am so humbled to see them featured on!