James Cooper: The Painter


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How far will you go to cover up a secret? This is the un-asked question of this thrilling murder mystery novel. Working for the FBI and thrust into a murder case at an almost-unbelievably young age, JAMES COOPER is forced to unravel a serial mystery of deaths. James’ juvenile past is slowly shown to have severe connections to the case which is the reason why, unbeknownst him, he’s been recruited by the Bureau.

This is a daring, emotional, and thrilling murder mystery featuring JAMES COOPER. We follow James through his life as he, and his partner detective Ward, try to solve a frustrating and seemingly impossible murder case. The killer, labelled by the FBI as “the Painter” murders a woman in her home. After which the Painter paints the crime scene, leaving the painting on its canvas stand for the police to find, and orchestrates the scenario to frame the woman’s husband. The story takes twists and turns, bringing the reader through an epic journey spanning seven years.
Who is the Painter? Will James and Ward be able to put the Painter in prison? What will this investigation cost James? His marriage? His life? Find out by joining James as he desperately attempts to solve this case.

Chapter 1

The Interview

To James Cooper, September First was without doubt one of the most exciting and nerve wracking days he would ever have. It was the first day of a one year internship in the homicide division of the New York Police Department. James graduated from high school at the top of every one of his classes. He received numerous awards and scholarships. He could have chosen any career pursuit: art, chemistry, electrical; however he chose to follow law enforcement.

Chapter 2

The Scene

The scene was bleak. An outline where a corpse used to be, a home that had been ransacked by forensic teams: local and federal, and a family torn in half. The family wasn’t there to James’ delight. He liked the science, the mystery, and the murderer. Not the victims. He had spent the previous evening brushing up on the case with Ward and then by himself. In Ward’s office they poured over the stats, the last kill, and some evidence: whatever they had, which wasn’t much.