When I Was Younger


When I Was Younger is a sweet, imaginative Short Story that follows a young ASH MCLEOD and his best friend as they discover a fantastic (fantasy) land. They are recruited to go on a quest and at first, neither they nor the reader knows what the quest is! But they set off nonetheless. Their imagination develops the plot from there.

Read the entries of the 37 year old Ash as he recalls life as a child, the difficulties of his upbringing, and the negative perspective his twin brother, Louis, has on the story.

This is an easy read that will challenge you on your own thoughts about your childhood.

Entry 1

The Beginning

My name is Ash McLeod and I am thirty-seven years old. I have a mundane job that contributes very little to society as a data entry clerk in a city’s statistics branch. Yesterday, I was at my dad’s funeral. It was there that I saw my brother for the first time in a very, very long time.