Scene 1: Daddy’s Little Girl

Carmine Vilas was probably the worst boss Gary Pitt had ever had. Gary had run into trouble in his youth with gangs. He began doing security work for local malls when he had a desire to turn his life around for the better: having a baby girl will do that to a man. Slowly, his career evolved into security for celebrity concerts, chauffeur for wealthy or important individuals who felt the need for a bodyguard.

On one high stakes job, he made the error in using lethal force on an approaching reporter. His skills were undeniable, but his error wound him up in jail. Interestingly, he was provided an amazing lawyer, had his bail paid for, and ultimately served minimal time in prison.

On his day of release, he reunited with his daughter and met his benefactor: Charlie Guillard, a member of an organized crime gang. Gary was immediately offered a job as a member of the security staff for their Vancouver branch.

“We’ve been watching you. We’ve helped you stay in your daughter’s life. Now it’s time to help us so you can keep being in your daughter’s life.”

Gary wasn’t sure if that last part was a threat but he knew he had to take the job.

And now, five years later, he was one of the many personal bodyguards of Carmine Vilas: the big boss’s thirty-five-year-old brat of a daughter and a huge annoyance to Gary. Ms. Vilas, as he had to call her, was tall and had golden hair. She constantly sent him on ridiculous “missions” to fetch something for her. This meant Gary had to leave a minimum of two trusted security members behind to keep watch of her. It was always easiest for him if she just let him follow her. But she didn’t care for the ease of Gary’s career. She didn’t care that if she was out of his sight for more than two seconds, he could be scalped.

Currently, Ms. Vilas was on vacation from her pretend role as the “western liaison” for her father’s criminal reaches in North America. Although Gary did enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, it meant four days away from his daughter.

Ms. Vilas walked along a white-sanded beach about fifteen feet ahead of Gary and Flynn (Gary’s right-hand man). Ms. Vilas did not walk alone. She had found a local who was taking particular interest in her. Usually, she spent every moment looking at her cell phone. But at that time, she just talked with the local.

Ms. Vilas wore a flowing floral dress and her security team wore casual attire as well. “You’re not going to follow me in a suit are you?” She had hassled Gary while they arrived at the resort. He and his team were always clad in black three-piece suits.

He could see Ms. Vilas and the friendly local begin to struggle: he was trying to steal her purse. No gunshot was heart, but the fifty calibre round could be seen hitting the ground and sending sand up in the air almost as high as Ms. Vilas’ shoulders.

The local froze and stared at Ms. Vilas’ sunglasses-covered eyes in shock. Gary and Flynn arrived on either side of her, with their handguns drawn.

“Sorry, babe,” Ms. Vilas said as she smiled. “Daddy’s a little protective.”

Ben stood, shaking.

“Do you know my daddy?” she continued as she tilted her head. “Harvey Vilas? Some people call him—”


Ms. Vilas laughed, a high-pitched “I’m better than everyone” kind of laugh. “It’s funny, isn’t it? I think it’s kind of silly.”

Ben, the local, turned and ran as fast as he could for the tree line that shouldered the beach.

“Just the shoulder, yeah?” Ms. Vilas said into her earpiece. “Let’s let this little fish keep swimming.”

With that, a sniper fired and Ben toppled against the sand and struggled to keep crawling. He would live, though. And that’s what Ms. Vilas wanted.

Gary didn’t know why. But then again he knew very little about what drove Carmine Vilas to do anything she ever does. However, he genuinely thought he did. He looked at Flynn and rolled his eyes: an unprofessional expression of disinterest for his client. If Flynn hadn’t been as close to Gary as he was, he may have shot him. It was a dangerous job they had, working for the Vilas. But everyone in the “company” found it easier to bear through comradery and their handsome compensation.

Gary stayed anxiously close to Ms. Vilas for the remainder of the day while she toddled around the beach and the resort, like someone without purpose. She called a “friend” from New York and asked if she wanted to join her for the remaining three days. Gary could hear this “friend’s” excitement over the phone.

“I wouldn’t even be this brat’s friend if she paid for my vacations,” Gary thought as he looked at the back of her head from the table he sat in the resort’s cafe. Suddenly, Ms. Vilas shot up and began walking away. Gary bounced after her and was two feet behind her.

“You embarrass me, Pitt.” Gary remained silent as he followed her closely. “I’m on vacation! I’m safe. Daddy needn’t be so… ugh!” She knocked her head back as she spun and face Gary, they were only a foot from each other. Gary backed away a step.

“What about with the local?” Gary asked. Hiding his frustration as best he could.

“He didn’t even have a knife! And if he did…” Ms. Vilas pulled a small blade from inside her purse.

Gary scoffed.

Ms. Vilas turned on her heel with a “hmph!” She began walking toward her suite. “I’m calling it a day. At least I can have some privacy in my room.”

Once they arrived at her suite, Gary surveyed the rooms inside prior to allowing Ms. Vilas access.

“All clear, Ms. Vilas,” he said as he stepped into the patio.

“And where will you be?” Ms. Vilas asked in a mocking tone. She knew Gary was about to let her know where he’d be for the night.

“Right here.” Gary stiffened his stance and put his hands behind his back.

“Fantastic. Goodnight, Pitt.”