The Godmother


Not every family gets along. For the Vilas Crime Family, conflict runs rampant. Join the Short Story’s lead, CARMINE VILAS as she navigates her life in crime as the North American liaison, based in Vancouver, BC, for her Greek father’s vast criminal network.

But Carmine holds a secret that no one in her “family” knows. The Godmother is an epic short that is a whole world of fun and everyone, characters and readers alike, will be surprised by Carmine and what she has planned.

This is the 2nd story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

Scene 1: Daddy's Little Girl

Carmine Vilas was probably the worst boss Gary Pitt had ever had. Gary had run into trouble in his youth with gangs. He began doing security work for local malls when he had a desire to turn his life around for the better: having a baby girl will do that to a man.

Scene 2: We Lost Her

It was odd that Ms. Vilas had called it a day so early on. The sun was still a few hours from setting into that gorgeous blue ocean. Gary Pitt was never a man of luxury. He almost wished, however, he could soak in that beautiful blue. He took a four hour break to rest…

Scene 3: How Many Girls

After assaulting stealing the keys to the Vespa, and promising the bartender compensation, Gary pursued Ms. Vilas as fervently as the max. 40MPH bike could handle. Skinner has unlocked the gates for him timely by calling the resorts security. Gary didn’t know what Skinner had said, but…

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