Old Dusty Pine

We’ve all read books with pictures in them and until now, reading a book with audio and video elements has not bee an option. This story will be a written short story and each climax to each scene will actually be proposed and resolved by a song! Because it’s the internet and we can do that.

The songs/scenes will be:

“Sick Heart River” – a song inspired by the novel written by John Buchan.

“Iris” – a song inspired by Iris Buchan.

“My Son Johnny” – a song sung from a deceased father to his lost son.

“Dear Daddy” – a response from the son in the above title.

“That Old Dusty Pine” – a man’s (Johnny’s) journey through life, death, and faith.

Sick Heart River

Song 1

Sick Heart River opens up the story by setting a rageful tone for our main character, Johnny. With obvious pain incurred from his childhood, join the Interviewer in learning about the events that led to Johnny’s relationship with God.


Song 2

Iris will always be special to Johnny. As his grandma, she’s left a special mark on his heart. This song is important to this series becaus it is because of Iris’ passing, that Johnny’s father “went down to Sick Heart River…”