The Kingdom of Peace


In Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Peace, the second book in the Kingdoms series, we follow JEZORIN, awoken in an unknown land and completely unaware of who she is or where she comes from. We follow LAR as she and her fellow refugee, NOMA, tirelessly make their way through foreign lands in hopes to find the Kingdom of Peace. We follow FUL’KAG as he tries to gather other orken who are a hybrid of two species, like himself. And we follow the new king of Kru’aka, DAL’TOR and his charisma to war against their northern enemy: the Geerum.

We are also privileged to learn more of intriguing characters such as: TERHORAM, KROM’JUN, PATHIRA, TALERIM, LEJALIA and many more!

This epic tale will keep you hungry for the next chapter. As familiar characters are exposed to new environments and new characters are introduced, the complex storyline Kingdoms embarks on is slowly unfolded throughout this book. Every chapter will give a new taste for what is to come.


THE SOUND OF DRY LEAVES rattling from the warm summer’s breeze could be heard all throughout the dwindled forestry of northeastern Thralnan. In a patch of short yellow grass, a female lay completely still. As the wind swept across her face, the long dark hair on her head tickled her neck. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the great blue sky above her. She blinked a few times before realizing she had troubles breathing; her throat was extremely dry. She closed her eyes again as she mustered the strength to sit up. While doing so she heard a sound: the soft trickle of a brook. She looked to her right and saw a beautiful blue stream flowing, only twenty feet from her. She had not the strength in her legs to stand so she crawled to the stream and drank her fill.

Have you read the first book in the Kingdoms Saga? If not, this story will still be enjoyable but we recommend you read Chaos first!