The Kingdom of Chaos

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In “Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Chaos” the first book in the Kingdoms series, we follow FUL’KAG as he struggles to find his place in the Orken kingdom. We follow KUL’DRAK while his responsibilities as king are shadowed by emotions foreign to his kind. And we follow LAR, once a nameless savage, now the saviour of a group of slaves and quite possibly of many more to come.

This epic tale will keep you hungry for the next chapter. As mysteries unfold, new ones are presented. It’s a never-ending thriller of twists and turns that will keep your eyes peeled.


THE SOUND OF METAL armour rattling from the cold winter’s breeze could be heard far from the scene of battle. Standing in an unbroken line, hundreds of orken gazed across the icy Valley of Kal’ka. One orken, a male standing close to twelve feet tall, showed his blackened teeth as a deep growl rumbled from his throat. He let out a fearsome roar of challenge.


THE DARKNESS OF NIGHT hovered over the land of Kru’aka. A muscular stag-like creature, referred to as a truka by the Orken, stalked through the dark, moonlit Forest of Fal’kir. It’s long body slowly moving forward as it gazed upon its prey: a small animal with white fur crouched by a red plant growing from the forest floor. It ate, completely unaware of…


THE THRONE ROOM was dimly lit by fires burning on four of nine different balconies; only a few members of the Council of Elders were present. Overlooking the island of rock on which the throne sat, the Elders studied maps as they kept track of the territories their kingdom controlled. Unfortunately, the range of the Draken kingdom had been decreasing.


THE ICY WINDS that swept through the centre of Kru’aka calmed in severity as Ful, carrying Lar on his shoulder and struggling to balance his own weight due to his injury, made his way through the Hills of Krom. The Hills were named after a legendary orken: Krom’jun. Like most of southern Kru’aka, the region was once flat, save for a few slopes and…


DARKNESS HAD TAKEN its hold on the land of Kru’aka. Any advancement made by the approaching spring was pushed back by the cold that crept its way into the night. Kag’jun and his garrison had made it to the border of Fal’kir and were entering into the very Forest that once harboured their enemy. “Be on guard,” Du’kan’s voice slid its way through the lines of…


THE GOLDEN SUN hovered high in the sky as the late morning heat beat upon the Forest of Fal’kir. Kag’jun, Du’kan and the regime of three hundred draken crouched in great anticipation. Their axes were wielded and their muscles were tensed. Kag, positioned a hundred feet from Du’kan, looked over and gave him a nod signifying his readiness for battle.


THE MOUNTAINOUS CITY of the Geerum, wherein Lar and Noma awoke, was not designed for aesthetics. It featured large stone bricks composing the walls and columns within. Those bricks mingled with the actual mountain itself, jagged rock pointed down from the low ceiling and the floor was a hybrid of smooth stone and sharp rock. Despite having no access to…


CANDLELIGHT WARRED AGAINST the cold night that plagued the underground bunker wherein Dal’torr and his army lived. A warmth from the conflict in the chamber Jul’drak entered struck her and her presence did not aid in soothing the tension. “I bring you news Dal,” she said as she charged into the room.“And hail to you too, mother. Does this news concern…


BLUE SKY COVERED the centre of Kru’aka. Dal’torr had given his first orders as king of the entire country. The orders were given to secure his kingship; many villages to the east of Maraka were inhabited by loyal maraken. “Fet’kan, Gur’val, and Tul’nuk,” he summoned his Torren captains, “you will take one legion of Draken and a legion of Torren and travel east to…


TWO WEEKS HAD passed since Ful’s departure from Kru’aka. The forestry of Thralnan proved to be as hostile as he had suspected. He rode through every night and, despite the hostile threats of lurking creatures, he arrived at the city of the Alliance unharmed. On occasion, his rhunka halted for a few hours of rest or because some fearsome creature stood in their path.


“Kingdoms: Tehoram” is a Kingdoms Short Story that explains the origins of the character Tehoram. The story contains five scenes, each of which will be exclusively published at the back of the first five Kingdoms paperback books: Chaos, Peace, War, Man, and Fire. “Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Tyranny” is when Tehoram officially joins the Saga.


Congratulations! You’re ready to start reading the next Kingdoms book if you’ve finished Chapter X of The Kingdom of Chaos! The second book in the first trilogy of the Kingdoms Saga is The Kingdom of Peace where you’ll learn more about some of your favourite characters from Chaos. We’ll learn more about plenty of new characters and species as we journey to find Peace.

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