Does what you are define who you can become?

Kingdoms is an extraordinary fantastical story spanning many years, studying several species and closely following individuals, all battling this very question.

There are ten books in this series that pertain to the ongoing plot, starting with The Kingdom of Chaos and ending with The Final Kingdom.

However, along the way the reader will be able to read and enjoy stories that branch off from the main series featuring certain characters and their journeys either before or after the events recorded in the main series.

Kingdoms is written in a discovery format. Meaning, the Author sat down and wrote the first line without any idea of what it would become. Quickly, while writing the first book, the following nine books had unfolded their plots within the first five chapters. Exciting new revelations about the characters’ futures are still manifesting themselves in the Author’s imagination.

Kingdoms was invented to try and introduce a clean fantasy story to the market. Although it is rated “M” for violence, the Author is proud to have no other severe content elements, much like many fantasy stories out there.

Because the story is so large and spans so many years, most characters are actually considered dynamic characters. Very few stay true to who they were when they were first introduced.

The events that occur in the Kingdom’s series are recorded in ten difference books. All of the books take place in chronological order, except for “The Kingdom of Hyindor,” this story occurs a few millenia before the first book, “The Kingdom of Chaos.” Also, the books titled “The Kingdom of Man” and “Fire,” are half-books. Each are five chapters long and follow two different kingdoms during the same period. “Tyranny,” follows immediately after these two and offer resolution for both of the half-books (Man and Fire).

The ten books in this series are:

The Kingdom of Chaos, The Kingdom of Peace, The Kingdom of War, The Kingdom of Man, The Kingdom of Fire, The Kingdom of Tyranny, The Queen, The Kingdom of the Alliance, The Kingdom of the Hyindor, and The Final Kingdom.

Kingomds also has a few side-stories that feature single characters: Kingdoms: Tehoram and Kingdoms: Dal’torr are two currently in the works.

The goal for Kingdoms is for fellow writers to create characters that follow along with the main story! Although it may be a rare case for one of the main characters to run into your character, you may find youself finding the same challenges as some of them!

Hopefully soon, we will be launching this project, called an MMORPS (massive, multiplayer, online, role playing story), on social media and encouraging people to create their own character and write small chapters addressing the challenges and guidlines proposed.

Stay tuned for more about this exciting project!

At any time during your travels in Kingdoms, if you have a question, any kind of question about anything Kingdom’s related, feel free to come by the Old City of the Alliance and ask our good freight, Gehr of the Gophelian, for some information.

The Gophelian travel all over Teros and record what occurs in almost every kingdom and country. Gehr usually doesn’t like to work for free, he’s an information addict, so he may ask you for some useful information in return. You may just catch him on a good day or intimidate him enough for him to answer your question, free of charge.

    The Kingdom of Chaos

    Status: Published

    In “Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Chaos”, the first book in the Kingdoms series, we follow FUL’KAG as he struggles to find his place in the Orken kingdom. We follow KUL’DRAK while his responsibilities as king are shadowed by confusing emotions he should not feel. And we follow LAR, once a nameless savage, now the saviour of a group of slaves and quite possibly of many more to come.

    This epic tale will keep you hungry for the next chapter. As mysteries unfold, new ones are presented. A never ending thriller of twists and turns that will keep your eyes peeled.

    The Kingdom of Peace

    Status: Written - Editing

    In Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Peace, the second book in the Kingdoms series, we follow JEZORIN, awoken in an unknown land and completely unaware of who she is or where she comes from. We follow LAR as she and her fellow refugee, NOMA, tirelessly make their way through foreign lands in hopes to find the Kingdom of Peace. We follow FUL’KAG as he tries to gather other orken who are a hybrid of two species, like himself. And we follow the new king of Kru’aka, DAL’TOR and his charisma to war against their northern enemy: the Geerum.

    We are also privileged to learn more of intriguing characters such as: TERHORAM, KROM’JUN, PATHIRA, TALERIM, LEJALIA and many more!

    This epic tale will keep you hungry for the next chapter. As familiar characters are exposed to new environments and new characters are introduced, the complex storyline Kingdoms embarks on is slowly unfolded throughout this book. Every chapter will give a new taste for what is to come.

    The Kingdom of War

    Status: Writing

    In Kingdoms: the Kingdom of War, it may feel like the ending and it certainly is for many of our friends… but it is just the beginning of the dynamic tale that is Kingdoms.

    The Kingdom of Man

    Status: Draft

    The rise of those who fractured the world.