Elkadesh is an intriguing story that is set in two different timelines. We follow BESSAI as he, a skilled linguist, joins a team of explorers who are tasked with time travelling. Bessai’s team is sent back the furthest and he finds the earth is unlike anything anyone had previously thought or could have imagined. The story takes a turn from Science Fiction to Historical Fiction as the reader is taken on an adventure full of surprises, romance, alternate realities, and much more!



It was a bright and warm day in the land of Elkadesh, filtered rays of blue-tinted sunlight fell gracefully past bright green leaves onto the earth. A scarce amount of foliage and twigs covered the forest floor where Jalthea crept. She tiptoed along the dry, summer ground in great anticipation.

Chapter 1

To Tokyo

The London air was crisp and clean in the year 2433. In previous centuries it had been known as a highly polluted city, one of the worst in all of the Central World. But that became history when green quotas were implemented to all new builds and the replacements of old structures. Every building now…

Chapter 2


Bessai wondered if orientation would take the entirety of the day. After all, he had a class to teach. He had thought ahead and recorded a holocast of himself talking about linguistically impressive content. After about thirty minutes he told the class to spend the remainder of the lecture practicing their foreign…