Really? You clicked on a page titled Spoilers?

It’s OK – if there is only one chapter/episode/scene posted of your favourite story, it may be a while before you get to find out what happens!

So we’ve made the Spoilers page to offer you the opportunity to find out what happens in your favourite story! Hopefully, a page like this won’t need to exist soon as the Author builds a support network to fund a full-time writing career!

This story has four Orken kings warring against each other: Kul’drak, Kil’hagron, Gan’marak, and Dal’torr.

The book finishes with Dal’torr as king with Ful’kag at his side.

Ful’kag brings a Hagronen girl with him, prior to their annihilation, and she ends up leaving Kru’aka on a journey to find the Kingdom of Peace. He name is Lar and she is very important in the Saga.

The book details Ful’kag and Kul’drak struggling with “un-orken-like” feelings. This is because they are not fully Orken. They are part Human!

Jul’drak turns out to be the mother of all four kings – whom are all partly human.

A background character, Sylderus, is revealed to be a sinister character pulling strings in the Orken kingdoms which have allowed them to survive for two hundred years while at war with one another.

Ful’kag kills Kul’drak in battle, however it is revealed he ends up saving him and hiding him from the new king.