While Green Leaf Writing showcases many stories from the Author, he still has many more on the go! Here at the Concepts page, you’ll find all of the other stories that the Author refers to as Concepts. The stories below have their general plot-line mapped out with characters, beginnings and endings. By voting and showing your support, you can help make these stories come into fruition.


Fiction | 14A | Short Story

Kidnapping, corporate espionage, and betrayal are some of the intense themes you can expect from this latest addition to Elijah’s concept line-up. BLACKLOCK features a young woman, named Peregrine Blacklock and her involvement in an unprecedented time of consumer activism: bordering on corporate terrorism.

As the daughter of an executive and true “wolf” of the stock market, she is underestimated and an easy target for those wishing to hurt her father, the famous Charmichael Blacklock, CEO and founder of Blacklock Industries. However, the love of her father is proven cold when Peregrine is kidnapped and Mr. Blacklock refuses to pay her ransom: assuring her execution.

Barely escaping from the clutches of her captors, Peregrine is now determined to make a name for herself and possibly earn the respect of her father… that or tear him and his company down to the ground: she hasn’t decided yet.

Back To Life

Paranormal Fiction | M | Short Story

In his first-ever, and possibly only, attempt at writing Paranormal Fiction, Elijah brings forth the mysterious and miraculous in this cunning and witty tale. Kaitlyn Rose is the daughter of a deceased Catholic priest and is no stranger to exorcisms and the supernatural: except she hates everything in that realm of belief.

Kaitlyn has made it her life’s purpose to debunk the paranormal and to prove all priests, psychics, and miracle-workers wrong: to expose their lies and shed the truth on the world: there is nothing beyond.

Her most recent case has her investigating the “resurrection” of a boy. In the dramatic, faith-filled, God-fearing, and emotional tale of forgiveness and truth, Kaitlyn herself is forced to come back to life.

Elijah promises nothing sketchy nor demonic: this is a tale of the miracles of God.

Lana Romain: Murder in the Kremlin

Fiction, Thriller | M | Novel

Svitlana Romponskow was like most in that she wanted to settle down and start a family. However, she was unlike most in that she was a Russian assassin who reported to a mysterious organization employed by the Kremlin, known as The Moscow Security Department (MSD).

Skilled in her craft, Svitlana, code name: Sparrow, is forced to fake her own death in order to escape the clutches of the MSD. Her untimely demise, however, is exactly what her boss needed in order to stage one of the most crucial murders in Russian history.

At the age of forty-four, Sparrow thought by killing herself she could start a new life in Canada. However, she is now ruthlessly hunted by the MSD and on the watch-alert for every country allied with Russia.

There is only one way for Sparrow, now Lana Romain, to start her life: she must acquit herself from the charges against her. And in order to do that, she must solve the murder in the Kremlin.

Little Black Dagger

Medieval | M | Short Story

A new king reigns and is enslaving children from all across the land. Including Solia, a dark-skinned girl with a fiery heart. Her spirit is soon quenched by the beatings of royal guards.

Join Solia as she is taken from her home and raised in the cruel palace of the king where she encounters a secret that could be the death of her or the salvation of the kingdom. Solia is tasked to go before the rogue syndicate, Black Dagger, to coerce the terrorist leader to aid her in saving the kingdom. But it may cost Solia everything she holds dear: her innocence.

Love By Two Kings

Medieval, Romance | M | Short Story

Being loves by two kings is not an easy burden to bear… Especially when you’re married to one of them. Join our heroine as she journeys the middle-ages and attempts to bring peace to her burning country. This short story contains heartbreak, undying love, honour and loyalty, faithfulness, betrayal, mutiny, and so much more.

The story begins when our passionate lead is a lowly peasant in love with a prince and ends with her a queen married to a king.

Girl of Clay

Medieval | 14A | Short Story

We’ve all read and heart of futuristic stories about artificial intelligence. In fact, Elijah has one called “Theory of Mind”

Yet, “Girl of Clay” a medieval short, challenges the status quo and inserts the concept of AI into the middle ages with, quite literally, a girl made of clay. Fashioned out of curiosity, THE MAKER creates his own daughter and teaches her about life and goodness. But our little clay heroine is soon corrupted by the evil that persists in the world as the village struggles to accept what they call an abomination.


Thriller, Fiction | M | Short Story

This intense human vs. nature short story brings forth an entirely new category to Elijah’s story arsenal… Thriller.

Murder, hate, revenge, fatherhood, forgiveness, and so much more is packed into this truly suspenseful short. You won’t be able to stop reading. And yet, you’ll wish you could.


Fiction | M | Short Story

There is no English word for what Jaz and Gwendoline are. When Jaz’s husband suddenly passes away, she is left to read his will alone. To her horror, she learns Gerald Black, her husband, left all of his assets and wealth to his wife… a woman named Gwendoline Black. Awestruck by the apparent reality that Jaz was subject to a polygamous marriage, she introduces herself to Gwendoline, a woman who knew nothing of her existence.

The two widows find themselves on a journey of healing and anger together as they wrestle with their new reality and struggle to find a way to tell their children the truth.

There is no English word for what Jaz and Gwendoline are: Mrs. and Mrs. Black. The closest is the French word: mesdames.


Science Fiction | 14A | Series

Mason’s life was football. He was an incredible athlete and his only hope for a strong financial future was the scholarship he had been awarded from Colorado State University. But his future had changed drastically. He sat in a hospital chair looking at his shoes. He had lost his scholarship, his girlfriend, his best friend, he had been kicked off of his football team and was expelled from high school.

And it had all started from a car accident. But with this accident, came the opportunity for Mason to become a character in the “Rising Powers” Series.

The Widow of Opportunity

Fiction | 14A | Short Story

His family never liked the marriage because he was rich. Her family never like the marriage because he was 15 years older than her. And yet, their marriage was beautiful and full of love.

And now, at the age of 64, Rachel’s husband has passed away. One year before his life insurance payout would have expired. And his family suspects she killed him.

This romantic thriller will challenge your view of love and the transformational power it holds.

The Little Jedi

Fiction | M | Short Story

Horror. There is no other word for this story.

A new girl in school seems too pale and too skinny and… she dresses like a Jedi Knight from the famous series, Star Wars. She’s a girl of little words and is an easy target for teasing. But a lot of people are drawn to her: a friend, a counsellor, a teacher… And it’s soon learned she was the victim of a kidnapping.

Throughout this thrilling short story, the characters, along with the reader, learn that this Little Jedi wasn’t just a kidnapped child… she is one.

Theory of Mind

Science Fiction | PG | Short Story

“Theory of Mind” is an intriguing short story psychological thriller that begs you to keep reading. No… it entices you to keep reading. Join our main character, SHE, as She awakes in a field and is beckoned by an unknown force to step forward and cover a seed with soil. Seemingly uninteresting and varying slightly in result, She undergoes the same action 6,039,042 times before someone else approaches her… He.

This short story is written in two different spaces: INSIDE and OUTSIDE. While She is inside, someone is outside. And when they learn about her… both worlds are turned upside down with conviction.

This is Elijah’s most mind-bending work yet. Sit down and get comfortable; you’re not going to want to stop reading.


Fiction, Faith | M | Novel

In the darkest, yet most powerful story Elijah will ever write, we journey through the lives of five individuals; all intertwined in ways they could never imagine.

Heather, from “Amber”
Carmine, from “The Godmother”
Tom, from “To Serve and Defect”
Ashley, from “A Shot in the Dark”
and Lee, from “Resurrection Man”

“Sickness” with the subtitle: “how far into hell can redemption reach?” will present to you the worst of this world and explain why… and how… even the worst is never too far gone.

The Terracotta Wife

Historical Fiction, Faith | 14A | Short Story

One thousand years ago, China was split. The united Empire was replaced by several factions. One of which houses the Terracotta Wife. A woman of the highest virtue and excellence. But her life is less than favourable to her. Forced to work a farm and raise a family on her own, a European stumbling on her farm and offering his help is exactly what she needed. But this man brings more than just labour… He brings the message of Jesus Christ.

But her husband has something to say about this, being a general in the military…

Join the first person writer of this story as they share (fictional) letters written during this period. The writer presents the letters in chronological order giving us a glimpse as to what happened to the Terracotta Wife.

The Best Kind of Friend

Faith, Romance | 14A | Short Story

Faith meets Romance in this tragic, yet redemptive tale of two kids and their undying friendship.

To Serve and Defect

Fiction | M | Short Story

A new captain takes charge of a precinct and discovers a beat cop, highly revered by his own superiors, has the lowest amount of arrests and tickets issued compared to anyone else on the team. The captain tries to uncover the reason behind this officer’s low performance and is astonished by the results.

This is the 3rd story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

Face To Face With Death Itself

Fiction | M | Short Story

Death has found a detective. We follow Paul as he, an alcoholic, attempts to solve his last murder case: his own.

This is the 4th story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

Resurrection Man

Fiction | M | Short Story

A man in his thirties is an EMT with a 100% resuscitation success rate. Throughout his astonishing career, he has been nick-named “Resurrection Man” by his colleagues. The pressure accumulated from what he now sees as an expectation to save everyone, causes our lead to turn to an unhealthy coping habit: drug abuse.

This challenging story takes a turn for the worst when our lead is diagnosed with cancer. Determined to save his own life, he plunges himself into finding a cure for cancer.

This is the 5th story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

Tales of Kaldoria

Fantasy | 14A | Series

Kaldoria is a world wherein the power of the sun is embodied by two brothers: one who rules the day and one who rules the night. In this fantastical story, we follow three individuals from three different lands who join together to defend those that have survived a great battle between the Day and the Night. A battle which ended in the Night winning.

Eight Deadly Sins

Science Fiction, Murder Mystery | 14A | Short Story

Sci-Fi meets Murder Mystery is this thrilling Short Story. A mysterious killer is leaving their victims stripped of all fat and flesh; only a ravaged carcass is left over. When the murderer is finally caught on a security camera, the detective in charge of the case calls in back up as it is clearly revealed to be supernatural or extraterrestrial.

This story is the introduction to Rising Powers.

Rising Powers

Science Fiction | 14A | Comics

An epic comic series following heroes and villains and many in between!

Chapter Seven

Science Fiction | 14A | Story

Chapter Seven is a Sci-Fi story that takes place in current day. However, the entire world is flooded. Completely confused as to why; join a military destroyer vessel and its crew as it becomes a refugee life raft. With about 150 people on board, tensions are raised as threats are presented such as resource scarcity and hostile sea creatures of unknown origin. With a slight hope of the possibility of land, put forth by an enigmatic “man of faith,” embark on a thrilling journey and try not to fall overboard!

The Wonders of Toro-Zem

Science Fiction | 14A | Story

Earth has been abandoned. Humanity has discovered a planet similar to Earth, called Toro-Zem, and has relocated. Our character has stayed behind, as a part of the military, to oversee the evacuation. However, he was abandoned by his fellow man. We follow HARRIS as he contracts himself to other alien species in a desperate attempt to find Toro-Zem: the home of his seven year old daughter. His greatest challenge: humans are hated in the solar systems beyond our own.

This story sets the stage for a joint venture with Flygue Sootna (from Rising Powers) and E (from Elkadesh).

Is This Just Fantasy?

Science Fiction | 14A | Short Story

Is this real life? Or is this just fantasy? A question our lead is struggling with as he awakens from his sleep in a different life. As he searches for answers in both worlds, he uncovers a dangerous truth about his own life and is hunted down by a force he doesn’t understand. This story bleeds into another story called: the Well of Realms.

The Well of Realms

Science Fiction | 14A | Story

All worlds are threatened. Someone has found a typewriter that can alter any story in the GLW universe. A lone archer is recruited to track this individual down and stop them before our most beloved characters are erased from their own stories. The archer journeys into Kingdoms, Kaldoria, Rising Powers, and Elkadesh in an attempt to save those stories!

All the while, the question could be posed: where is the Author?

Kingdoms: The Kingdom of War, Man, Fire, Tyranny, the Queen, Hyindor, the Alliance, & The Final Kingdom

Fantasy | M | Series

WAR: The first trilogy is completed as the Kingdoms we’ve spent time learning about all battle their common enemy: Sylderus.

MAN: The second trilogy is introduced with this half-book. We follow some familiar characters and some new ones as the dust settles from the War.

FIRE: In the second half-book we learn of a new threat that comes to the Orken. But he sees himself as deliverance. Tehoram is finally introduced into the saga.

TYRANNY: In the final book of the 2nd Kingdoms trilogy, we are tormented by the horrid leadership of two familiar kingdoms, warring against each other.

THE QUEEN: A female is appointed leader for the first time in the Kingdom of Man.

HYINDOR: Journey back a millennium as we learn about the most powerful kingdom there has ever been.

THE ALLIANCE: A new threat forces the kingdoms to join forces once again. But how many alliances are there?

THE FINAL KINGDOM: The third and final trilogy comes to an end.

Kingdoms: Short Stories

Fantasy | M | Short Stories

In this series of short stories we learn more about many characters and races that are introduced to the Kingdoms Saga. A short story will be written for each of these:






James Cooper

Murder Mystery | 14A | Stories

The James Cooper Series shows murder cases solved by the fictional FBI agent: James Cooper. The Painter spans several years and these stories capture events that occur during that book. Stay tuned and learn how James and Ward solve the cases labelled:

The Writer

The Assistant

The Sanctified

And many more!

Illusions of Grandeur

Fiction | PG | Short Story

In the 19th century, an English detective working for the Vatican is dead-set on showing the public that an illusionist who shows up in town is a fraud. He is even more apaulled when the illusionist begins to elevate himself as a “higher-being” threatening the Catholic faith’s authority.

A Midsummer's Nightmare

Fiction, Fantasy | PG | Short Story

A High School’s Shakespeare play gone wrong. Join a rag tag grop of teens as they are thrusted into the fantastcial world of Shakespeare. An outcast, a jock, a misfit, a wiz-kid and a cheerleader are forced to unite and put aside their differences to defeat the forces of darkness.

Children of the House

Fantasy | PG | Story

Modern day religions are expressed as “houses” in this fantastical story. The “Judaic” house is forced to evacuate as another house quickly sweeps across the land, devouring all those in its path. Join a family from the evacuating house as they live the life of “refugees” joining another house that challenges their beliefs.

Happily Ever Before

Romance | PG | Short Story

This is a romantic short story that takes place in two different timelines: young and old! Each scene alternates between the past and the future. The scenes depicting the past work their way forward toward a specific event. The scenes depicting the future work their way backward toward that same event. This fun and sweet romance story is written for all ages.

To Be Frank

Romance | PG | Short Story

To be frank… this story is about a simple guy who is in love with a complicated girl. He just can’t seem to ask her out. But when a family event comes up, embarassed to be single still, Joy asks him to join her. Frank seems to carry a lot of simple wisdom which causes Joy’s family to love him!

Dream Chasing Crazy

Romance | PG | Short Story

In “Dream Chasing Crazy” we read the first person narrative accounts of a woman describing her own love story with her husband. This heartfelt and comedic tale will have you fall in love with the characters and bring tears to your eyes, as tears fill theirs.

Dear Diary

Romance | M | Short Story

This is a first person account about a woman who has suffered severe childhood trauma which has plunged her into alcoholism. She begins a journey of healing and attempts to quit her addiction with the help of a new friend. They slowly begin to fall in love but her addiction gets the best of her, driving him away. And then the unthinkable happens: her childhood trauma comes back to haunt her and threaten her.

Children's Stories

Picture Books | G

The Good Animal Series” is a series in the Faith Category.

Rescue” is a story in the Faith Category.

Robotony” is a picture book in the Science Fiction Category.

Orb” is a picture book in the Science Fiction Category.

The Boy, the Bunny, and the Whale” is a story in the Fiction Category.

These will be filled with stunning imagery that is meant for kids. The stories contain great messages for children.

Business Articles

Articles | 14A

The Author is currently enrolled in business school and has ideas for articles that are meant to aid employees and business owners in how they perceive organizational themes.

The content advisory is simply because these articles are aimed for a more matured audience: one that is in the working field.

“Shareholder & Employee: Conflict of Interest Resolved”

“Giving It Away: Counting the Cost of Sales”

“From the Ground Up: The Failings of Top-Down Culture”

“Groupthink + Off-the-Ground-Thinking = Poor Results”

Faith Articles

Faith | G | Articles

“The Crazy Rich, Beautiful You”

“A Divorced God”

“Oh, What Love”

“Like A Bride”

“The Best Kind Of Breakup”

“Everybody Loves Meat”

“Oh, Solomon”

“Faithful He, Unfaithful Me”

“Her Place At His Feet”

“The Image of God”

“Look Up Child”

“Such Patience”


Historical Fiction | 14A | Short Story Series

This is a six part series on the events that happen in the “intertestamental period” of the Bible which is in between the books of Malachi (last book of the OT) and Matthew (first book of the NT).

In this series we observe the acts (expanded upon through embellishment) of six men:

Alexander the Great, Judas the Macabee, Pompey the Roman, Simon the Zealot, Herod the Great, and Jesus the Christ. This series explains the, biblically unrecorded, events that lead up to Christ’s appearance.

Old Dusty Pine

Fiction | PG | Short Story, Musical

We’ve all read books with pictures in them and until now, reading a book with audio and video elements has not bee an option. This story will be a written short story and each climax to each scene will actually be proposed and resolved by a song! Because it’s the internet and we can do that.

The songs/scenes will be:

“Sick Heart River” – a song inspired by the novel written by John Buchan.

“Iris” – a song inspired by Iris Buchan.

“My Son Johnny” – a song sung from a deceased father to his lost son.

“Dear Daddy” – a response from the son in the above title.

“That Old Dusty Pine” – a man’s (Johnny’s) journey through life, death, and faith.

My Name Is Trent

Fiction | G | Short Story

In this first person narrative, we read about real stories that happened to real people; all embodied by our fictional character: Trent. This is a heart-wenching tale about a boy who is misunderstood and misrepresented and the reader gets to understand how he feels about the difficulties he faces.

The Art of Hearing

Fiction | G | Short Story

“Hearing is not a gift, it is not a skill. It is an art. It is not about sound waves or volume levels. Hearing is understanding. Learning. Loving. Very few people actually hear each other. I have learned how to hear. My name is Claire Stacey, I am deaf, and I can hear.”

The Jungle

Fiction | 14A | Short Story

In a medi-eval setting, join a team of teenagers, trained from birth to be a elite soldiers, as they unergo their final challenge: survival of the fittest.

This story is to be read after reading Patient Zero.


Fiction | 14A | Short Story

A group of extremist join forces, again, to institute a new world order. But not all of them see eye to eye and only one can have their way.

Although the events of this story precede those of Patient Zero, it is to be read after Patient Zero and The Jungle.


Fiction | 14A | Short Story

The event has begun. The world is in dissaray and its time for the Sanctified to execute the nations.

This story is to be read after Retribution.


Fiction | 14A | Short Story

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought…”

This story is to be read after Execution.


Fiction | 14A | Short Story

“…but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Albert Einstein

This story is to be read after Distribution. This story completes the events and plot put forth in Patient Zero.

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