To Be Frank

This is a simple story about a simple man with a simple life. He has a simple job, a simple home, and a simple car. To those at his work; he is a simple coworker. He is simple. His name is Frank.

Frank is not simple in the sense of him being unable to grasp certain concepts or social queues due to the circumstances of birth or any deficiency. Rather, Frank is simple simply because he is. One may question and cast doubt upon a statement such as that, for the simple reason of a lack of logic being present in said statement. However, no logic is required when it pertains to Frank. Again, this is not because of any brain or physical defect; it simply just is.

Frank has always been mostly alone in his world. He has had his parents and he had a person follow him around once. This person seemed to take a liking to Frank for no apparent reason. During high school Frank didn’t play sports, he wasn’t the class clown, or the A plus student. Frank wasn’t really anything to anyone. Frank just was. However, having a person hang around Frank all the time never baffled him. His parents, however, were quite astonished.

As a child, Frank never had any special toys or interests. He never collected bugs or wanted to go swimming or had any goals for himself. He rarely spoke and never laughed. Frank’s parents often would try to find new ways to introduce Frank to events or friends. From inviting him to every birthday party they could to starting a lemonade stand and forcing him to dress up as a lemon. Nothing seemed to work.

Thus, when Frank came home from high school one day with this person. They were, as stated previously, astonished.

But the one thing that is not simple. Is his love life. It is simple. But for him asking a girl out is not. He’s a 35 year old man who has been in love with the same girl since the day he became an intern at his company over ten years ago. After one year of working there he finally made eye contact with the woman. After two years he had said hello. He continued to say hello every Thursday at 2:54pm where she got up to submit he work for the day to her boss and prepare to leave. He orchestrated this hello for the next… Ever… Until one day she stops. She looks at him and asked for his help. She needed a date for her cousins wedding and figured its be nice to get to know him better. He all of the sudden finds himself in this whirlwind of family affairs. Where his plain and awkward stature would help solve issues between her family. After attending many dinners, reunions and meetings, he finally asks the girl out. She says finally and accepts. He continues to be tangled in her families business but is caught off guard when his family shows up with there problems. The stress of this simple man having to live two very hectic lives, he panics. He leaves it all and drives south. He makes it about seven miles before his car dies. His brother had practiced being the terrible engineer he is on his car. He calls his girlfriend and she comes and rescue him. Forgetting the past they decide to take a vacation. Despite this simple man being plucked from his simple life, he still had something solid and grounded to hold on to: the love if his life.

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Author: Elijah Buchan

Writing is not just a passion or a hobby for me; it's my expression. I've been creating my stories since I was a child and am so humbled to see them featured on!