Writer’s Block

You’ll soon learn that Romance with a tragic twist is a favourite of mine. I experienced writer’s block with only one of my stories: For As Long As I Can’t Remember. So, I wrote a story about it! Glen has writer’s block with the same exact story and it takes a new friend of his to open his eyes and see what he’s been missing: her.

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When I Was Younger

Do you have a sibling that seems to have lived a different childhood than you by the way they describe it? Unfortunately, this can happen and not moving on with life and forgiving can lead to a lot of damage and regret. I wrote this story to attempt to bring healing to those who may have experienced this. This story is riddled with elements from my own childhood experiences.

Our character, Ash, has to make a journey into forgiveness, as a man, that we all need to. But for Ash, he’s a bit too late. Hopefully, we won’t be.

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Conflict of Interest

This was a hard story to name! I wanted to call it coffee, court, and conflict… thankfully my wife deterred me from doing that! I had come up with the entire plot and concept and written the first scene prior to figuring out the title. It turned out to be perfect! This story follows two people whose love is a conflict of interest and also we get to see the conflict that comes from interest (being interested in someone)! This is a super fun story and I really fell in love with our two leads: Tavery and Hannah.

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