James Cooper: The Painter

I was sixteen when this story came to life. I remember going to work, thinking all day about this story, and then coming home and writing down the plot outline. Inspired by so many crime dramas out there, The Painter is one of my favourites as its story starts off small but grows into something so large it carries on decades later and on into World War Four!

The cast was originally James Conners, Agent Wing, and Bridgette. Renamed to James Cooper, Agent Ward, and Breanna. I picked up the story years later and decided to rebrand the bunch.

I struggled with this story a lot as its ending was incredibly, incredibly disappointing to me. But… that’s how life goes sometimes. And I’ll admit, I may be the author but that does not mean I have the authority to change how a story develops. All of my stories grow on their own… I just write them down and hope my favourite characters get to live!

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