If a story could blow up… this story is the one.

Originally, I had conceived the title Kingdoms which would feature four brothers who warred against each other. I knew there would be some kind of book hidden away in a cave, guarded by little lizard people, and I knew it was going to be epic. I take credit for those parts of the story, the rest… just blew up.

I began writing the first scene of Chaos in 2014, I think. I imagined it perfectly and described it as I imagined it. And then the character we learned about: lost. I figured the king wouldn’t like it so he killed him. Or did he? When Ful wakes up at the bottom of the throne room, we start to realize there are some uncharacteristically tender feelings to this king…

The kind of thought process is how Chaos was written. It literally unfolded itself. And then over the course of the next 6 years, the entire Saga showed itself to me one day at a time. New races, kingdoms, characters, books, short stories, enemies, and even classes of species arrived on the pages on my writing app. I was just privileged to learn about the world of Teros first!

I feel this story is necessary as it is a Fantasy story that doesn’t have witchcraft, course language, or sexual content. It’s clean! And that makes it rare. And needed.

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The Godmother

This one was fun! The name came a little bit after I started writing.

This story literally started by me imagining the scene described when Carmine is on the beach and someone tries to steal from her. I imagined this woman who was way too confident and snipers lighting up the beach and her saying something about her daddy being protective.

I also wanted to explore the concept of doing a whole lot of wrong to accomplish a whole lot of right. And this story certainly explores that! It’s slowly becoming one of my favourites due to the action, espionage, and overall thrill.

It also allowed me to bridge a few other stories I was working on: Amber, Resurrection Man, To Serve and Defect, and finally Face to Face With Death Itself. All of which ask the same question: what kind of wrong is okay in order to do good. I’ll be compiling all five of these short stories into one compilation and will sell it online somewhere. Face to Face With Death Itself will exclusively be available through purchasing that compilation as it is far, far too dark for Green Leaf Writing.

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Amber originally started with the concept of a kid-napping story I wanted to write. A man was to kidnap a girl at a young age and as she grew up, she was to begin believing he was her family. Thus, when the true parents found the girl… the girl wanted to stay with her kidnapper! This story was way too dark for my liking so I benched it.

One Fall Thursday morning, I was driving to work when the radio show I was listening to began talking about the Canada-wide alert system we have in place where Amber Alerts are texted to everyone in the country. The kid-napping story came back to me. I realized I still didn’t have one so I thought about it on the way to work and Amber was formed in that 25-minute drive.

I love the idea of a Liam Neeson’s Taken style female character who would do anything to get her daughter back, so when Heather’s character turned out to be exactly that, I was really pleased!

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