Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Chaos

Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Chaos

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Does what you are define who you can become? Kingdoms is an extraordinary fantastical story spanning many years, studying several species, and closely following individuals, all battling this very question. In "Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Chaos” the first book in the Kingdoms Saga, we follow FUL’KAG as he struggles to find his place in the Orken kingdom. We follow KUL’DRAK while his responsibilities as king are shadowed by emotions foreign to his kind. And we follow LAR, once a nameless savage, now the saviour of a group of slaves and quite possibly of many more to come. This epic tale will keep you hungry for the next chapter. As mysteries unfold, new ones are presented. It's a never-ending thriller of twists and turns that will keep your eyes peeled. Kingdoms was written by Elijah to introduce exciting, clean writing into the genre of fantasy.

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Series: Kingdoms, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Year: 2020
Format: Paperback
Length: 255 pages
ASIN: 1654803863
ISBN: 9781654803865
List Price: $14.99 CAD
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