The Mission

The Vision statement of Green Leaf Writing is to provide clean and original stories with transparent content advisories for peoples of all age groups.

The Mission of GLW is to be a leader when it comes to creative writing online. We want to produce material that is clean and fun. We understand that the job of a parent to monitor information and content regarding what their child views, is getting harder and harder with mature content being slipped into almost every story, TV show, and movie on the big screen.

We hope to offer a space for readers from all kinds of backgrounds can come and unplug from reality and enter into a fictional world of their choice: be it sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction or faith-based encouragement!

The Author has felt that the need for a site like is made more and more prevalent as the years go by and our society’s standards drop.

We hope you are able to have fun, create your own universe and most of all: be safe here at Green Leaf Writing.