what we want and what it is

chapter 1: the little bright man

chapter 2: the disease before christmas (what all happened)

chapter 3: kawasaki and all it brings (how it changed him) (covid-19)

chapter 4: even if the healing doesn’t come

chapter 5: the rescue story

chapter 6: new wind

chapter 7: another day, another needle

chapter 8: i thought by now… (cut and in depth fear)

chapter 9: the walls came crumbling down (success and new life and celebration)

chapter 10: the 3rd birthday: we made it (how we are now new life happy micah)

chapter 11: the wild perspective of God (using pain for good – how I’ve seen God use this)

chapter 12: what we want and what it is (short end note for parents. life aint what we want but God knows what it is.)