Content Rating for Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block is a heart-felt, romantic story that is suitable for readers of most ages.

There is no course or crude language.

This short story is about a team of writers working on a story that is set to be released as a movie. The story that the writers are working on includes a murder. The scene is not described, it is only mentioned. No other acts of violence are found in this story.

Parent’s should know that a character is indirectly accused of having an affair, however the allegations are later dropped. Nothing explicit is explained and no scenes depict the supposed action.
In another scene, a character in the movie the writers are working on has an affair with another character. The act is not described or explained anywhere in the story, it is only mentioned during one of the writing team’s meetings.

Based on the above, Writer’s Block can be read and enjoyed by most ages. It is best for a parent to read it over and use their own discretion before allowing a young child access.