Writer’s Block


The romantic Short Story, Writer’s Block follows GLEN STAPLES: a talented writer who has had much success in the field. Currently, Glen can’t seem to figure out how to finish a story that is set to hit the big screen. With pressure to complete the story he began a decade ago, Glen is given a team of young writers in hopes of sparking his imagination and writing a perfect end to the story.

Unknowing to him, this project will challenge him and change his life more than he could have ever imagined, for it will introduce him to a woman name Pheobe: the woman who will spark his imagination and write a perfect end to his own story.

Full of heart-felt and comedic moments, join Glen as he navigates grief, love, and everything in between.

Scene 1

Writing stories always came very easy to Glen Staples. When he was younger he wrote many short stories for his school’s weekly paper. His goal was to be a writer. When that dream started to become reality, Glen set himself on a path to find his purpose for writing. He couldn’t write just for the thrill of creating new ideas and characters. He wanted there to be an intent to all he did.