Day 25: May 24th, 1905

My crumpsy kin and I have yet to speak. The silent days number three now. Hard have I tried to recall him… killing me. However, I cannot. Confusion and anger is seemingly all I know of the subject.

This railway has now been followed a great distance by us. The occasional happenstance brings the sound of a train distantly. As Harry and I are so practiced in our routine, we do not have the need to say anything to one another or look at one another. To the nearest tree line we run and hide. If no trees are around we hide behind rocks, bushes, or hills: anything to avoid being seen. I have contemplated a number times running toward the train and attempting to board, to get away from Harry and the chosen life he has for us. But I always think to myself that perhaps this is being done by him for me and that I might be in danger if I went alone.