Content Rating: For As Long As I Can’t Remember

If you’re familiar with Elijah’s writing, you’ll know that he provides thorough, spoiler-free, content ratings for every story he writes and publishes. “For As Long As I Can’t Remember” comes in at a cautious rating of 14A; which means it’s recommended for anyone older than fourteen.

It’s earned this rating due to harsh conflict and graphic scenes depicting death. There are a few moments of violence in this story and at one point decapitation.

There are no moments of course language in this story, however, harsh dialog between family members does occur.

An element of the story contains a sexual affair between a married woman and a man who is not her husband. Only a mentioning of the fact that this event occurred is written. No description of the event is recorded. The woman is repeatedly said to have had a “lover” and the word “interactions” is used to describe the affair.

Spiritually, a man mentions the act of confession and refers to his sins. Another man refers to someone as “devilish” and “that devil.”

Due to graphic deaths and adultery, this story is not recommended for children under the age of fourteen.