Content Rating for Amber

Having your child taken is not an easy thing to deal with. Depression, anger, confusions are among the many emotions that can accompony such an event. For Heather, our protagonist, determination is what controls her. She is determined to get her daughter back, by any means necessary.

These means include, beating multiple people with a baseball bat. One of these people is a police officer. She also is involved in shoot outs where shots are fired.

But the violence in this story is not what makes it for a mature reader. The story contains many disturbng elements, such as a young child being kidnapped; seen via video recording. This child is mentioned to have been one of the “good ones” who are kidnapped into human trafficking. This reality is very scary to our lead and we experience her sorrow as she comes to terms with what has happened.

For the above content this story is rated M and is advised only for adult readers.