Short Stories

Our short stories will challenge you, make you laugh, or put your mind at ease with a simple story. All of GLW’s short stories are currently written by one Author, but we would love to see this change by new submissions of exciting and original short stories! Click here to find out more.


Fiction | M

For an anxious, over-stressed mother trying to raise her seven-year-old daughter by herself, having her daughter taken was the worst thing that could happen to her. Join HEATHER as she desperately attempts to find her daughter forcing her to swallow her pride and declare an Amber Alert.

This is the 1st story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

A Space Pirate's Life For Me

Science Fiction | 14A

A Space Pirate’s Life For Me is an adventurous, sci-fi story following NAX and three other prisoners as they join a crew of Space Pirates on a heist. This funny Short Story is full of twists and turns; it’s a quick, comedic read and is written in an Episode format. Hop on board the HS-1 and read of the trials of this rag-tag crew who are constantly at each other’s throats.

Conflict of Interest

Romance | PG

Sometimes tragedy brings people closer together. Other times, it tears people apart. In the case of TAVERY and his daughter’s grandmother, it did the latter.

In the Short Story; Conflict of Interest, we follow Tavery as he battles for custody of his two-year-old daughter, Grace. He is overwhelmed with the pressures of being unemployed, having a true nemesis who is working to steal his daughter, dealing with loss and all the while falling in love with someone he really shouldn’t.

Join Tavery and Hannah on this romantic journey filled with unforeseen plot developments!

For As Long As I Can't Remember

Historical Fiction | 14A

This thrilling Short Story follows MACKENZIE ADIO who has forgotten everything he once knew. Hoping to restore his memory, his brother Harry encourages him to write his daily experiences in a journal. Unaware of his past, Mackenzie has to travel across the United States of America with his older brother. The reader gets to read firsthand, the raw journal entries of this troubled man as he runs from something he knows nothing about.
Based in the year 1905, join Mackenzie as he struggles to regain his memory and view his perspective as he records a traumatic historical event.

The Godmother

Fiction | M

Not every family gets along. For the Vilas Crime Family, conflict runs rampant. Join the Short Story’s lead, CARMINE VILAS as she navigates her life in crime as the North American liaison, based in Vancouver, BC, for her Greek father’s vast criminal network.

But Carmine holds a secret that no one in her “family” knows. The Godmother is an epic short that is a whole world of fun and everyone, characters and readers alike, will be surprised by Carmine and what she has planned.

This is the 2nd story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

When I Was Younger

Fiction, Fantasy | PG

When I Was Younger is a sweet, imaginative Short Story that follows a young ASH MCLEOD and his best friend as they discover a fantastic (fantasy) land. They are recruited to go on a quest and at first, neither they nor the reader knows what the quest is! But they set off nonetheless. Their imagination develops the plot from there.

Read the entries of the 37 year old Ash as he recalls life as a child, the difficulties of his upbringing, and the negative perspective his twin brother, Louis, has on the story.

This is an easy read that will challenge you on your own thoughts about your childhood.

Writer's Block

Romance | PG

The romantic Short Story, Writer’s Block follows GLEN STAPLES: a talented writer who has had much success in the field. Currently, Glen can’t seem to figure out how to finish a story that is set to hit the big screen. With pressure to complete the story he began a decade ago, Glen is given a team of young writers in hopes of sparking his imagination and writing a perfect end to the story.

Unknowing to him, this project will challenge him and change his life more than he could have ever imagined, for it will introduce him to a woman name Phoebe: the woman who will spark his imagination and write a perfect end to his own story.

Full of heart-felt and comedic moments, join Glen as he navigates grief, love, and everything in between.

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