Rising Powers

The Dragon

Impenetrable Armour | Fire-breathing | Flight

Leaning more on the side of Anti-Hero, The Dragon is a fire-breathing, shape-shifting man who has astonished and threatened almost everyone he’s met. His life begins with the death of his parents and he soon realizes, as a child, that he is being hunted.

Flygue Sootna

Enhance Agility and Strength

An alien who defected to Earth of extremely noble character. Quickly making his way as leader of the Rising Powers, join Flygue as he struggles to maintain the peace between supernatural humans, government authorities, and extra-terrestrial threats.

Lt. Unbreakable

Indestructible | Shape-shifting | Adaptable Weaponry

Nick-named Lieutenant Unbreakable while serving as a marine for his uncompromising character and battle-performance, Lt. Matthews finds himself an accidental test-subject of a highly volatile substance that infects his body with an indestructible and malleable metallic features.


Abilities Unknown

With what little information obtained regarding this enigmatic character, it is ascertainable that Reaper is hostile and villainous. It is able to rip the power from a supernaturally gifted person, at times ending said persons life.


Abilities Unkown

Only whispers of his name are heard by those on the villainous side of the Rising Powers. Rumour has it, Reaper and Beacon may be in league with one another.

The Keeper

Control Over the Elementalists

He was once an outcast, now he may be the most powerful human alive. His college friends, the Elementalists are completely under his control whenever he wishes, causing their eyes to glow red. He certainly is a villain and is on a quest to find Beacon.

Elementalist: Fire

Being able to control and manipulate fire has its perks. This character uses her abilities at the expense of others and soon has a long line of beings looking to snuff out her flame.

Elementalist: Earth

It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t exactly¬†him who destroyed a city – no one will forgive the man as tall as a building, covered in a thick armour of rock, smashing everything in sight of his glowing red eyes.

Elementalist: Water

Not only can she control water, but she can turn into it as well. With a good heart, its easy for her to follow he lead of Flygue as a defender of Earth.

Elementalist: Air

She really cannot keep her head out of the clouds. Indifferent to being on a “side,” yet when it comes down to it; she’ll be there for her friends when they need her.

The Shifter

Teleportation | Energy Blast | Portal Creation

An astronaut caught in an accident leads this beloved hero to join a fight on another world to show thanks to the ones who saved his life and helped him hewn his new abilities. Despite the war being waged against Flygue Sootna’s own race, The Shifter and the leader of the Rising Powers quickly become friends.

Dr. Ocular

Nick-named Doctor Ocular by the Super Hero enthusiast and self proclaimed: Gravity Guy, the true nature of this surgeon’s abilities are unknown but he can see through any lens and light he wishes. Oh, and he hates his nick-name.

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