Severe scenes of violence and graphic descriptions make stories marked with the fully charged battery (M), mature in nature. These stories are not recommended for children of any age.


Fiction | Short Story

For an anxious, over-stressed mother trying to raise her seven-year-old daughter by herself, having her daughter taken was the worst thing that could happen to her. Join HEATHER as she desperately attempts to find her daughter forcing her to swallow her pride and declare an Amber Alert.

This is the 1st story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.

The Godmother

Fiction | Short Story

Not every family gets along. For the Vilas Crime Family, conflict runs rampant. Join the Short Story’s lead, CARMINE VILAS as she navigates her life in crime as the North American liaison, based in Vancouver, BC, for her Greek father’s vast criminal network.

But Carmine holds a secret that no one in her “family” knows. The Godmother is an epic short that is a whole world of fun and everyone, characters and readers alike, will be surprised by Carmine and what she has planned.

This is the 2nd story in the “Works of Fiction by Elijah Buchan” compilation.


Fantasy | Series

Does what you are define who you can become?

Kingdoms is an extraordinary fantastical story spanning many years, studying several species and closely following individuals, all battling this very question.

There are ten books in this series that pertain to the ongoing plot, starting with The Kingdom of Chaos and ending with The Final Kingdom.

However, along the way the reader will be able to read and enjoy stories that branch off from the main series featuring certain characters and their journeys either before or after the events recorded in the main series.