The Kingdom of War: Duel

This is a fight scene between Kul’drak and a character that has not been introduced yet: Rage.

Kingdoms is fantastical and rated M.


The thick, red hand of Kul’drak pressed against the ashy floor as he hoisted himself off the ground. He was in the midst of a heated duel with a black-furred bhern sized near the same as he. Kul stood, after being knocked down by a powerful swipe and readied himself for the next attack. He raised both of his arms upward as if to defend his face with his hands. The odd sight of only seeing his left hand still made him shutter. He had never fought a true battle with his new disability and felt his confidence was shaken. Nonetheless, he tended his body in preparation for the charging bhern.

A roar left the giant beast as it barrelled toward the orken. Kul was grateful then that the hand to hand combat orken were skilled in included a wide variety of strikes with the feet and knees. He stepped to his left and quickly used the momentum to angle his body sideways and kick with his right foot. His strike hit the bhern in the side of the head as it continued its charge. Kul placed the offensive foot on the ground and lunged forward, raising his left knee. Using the swift maneuver of changing his stance, he struck the bhern’s shoulder with his knee, causing the beast to topple to the side. Kul, mercilessly, leapt toward the bhern and landed his right knee on the creature’s neck, causing it to wheeze. Kul had, however, gotten too close to the bhern to defend himself. The bhern flailed and struck Kul with both of its powerful front paws. Kul blocked one but due to his amputation, he was struck in the chin and chest be the massive paw. The claws on that bhern’s paw tore into Kul and he fell backwards on his back. The bhern quickly got onto all fours and pinned Kul’drak with its mouth over his neck. If Kul were to move, he would surely die.

“No!” a cruel voice yelled from beside the small training arena the two fighters were in. The bhern released its grip on Kul and wandered off into a stone building. “You have failed: again!” Rage’s tone was utterly harsh.

“What am I to do with this?” Kul yelled back as he lifted himself to his knees and held out the stub of his right arm.

“You become better! Stronger! Fight as no one has seen before! That is what, foolish orken.”

Kul stood and growled at Rage. “If I were whole: you would not be!”

“You believe this?” Rage questioned with a smile from behind her mask.

Suddenly, a whirlwind of black mist appeared next to Rage and slowly Sylderus appeared. His hood was down and thus Kul saw his snake-like head. Rage slowly lowered her hood and took off her cloak, wearing only her black leather armour and the mask. Long brown hair was tied into a knot behind her head. Sylderus spoke not a word but lifted his clawed hand toward Kul’drak. Kul felt a burning sensation on his right half-arm and saw what looked like black water take form and grow into the rest of his arm. He lifted the silky, black hand and gazed down with wonder.

Rage stepped onto the ashes that lined the arena. She crouched down, placing both of the fists against the grey ground. Sylderus slowly paced around the circular arena. “Attack, whole Kul’drak,” he said in almost a whisper.

Kul’drak felt a surge of excitement flow through him. He struck his chest with both of his fists, one red and one black, and charged toward Rage.

As he ran, she jumped into the air from her crouched position and spun slightly. Having timed it perfectly, she kicked Kul’drak’s forehead with fierce power from her upward leap. His head flung back as his body kept moving forward. He landed on his back and slid through the ashes. Rage land gracefully behind him and crouched again, awaiting his next move.

He stood quickly. He turned back to her and roared. His mind was fogged with his anger and he charged again. Rage, to his surprise, began charging as well. The two ran toward each other for a brief moment in that small arena. Rage leaned back and stopped running, causing her to slide through the ash and create a large cloud of dust. The ashes struck Kul’s face and prevented his sight for a few moments. He stopped his running as well for he stood in a cloud of grey. The dust began to settle, allowing him to see again. Rage stood behind him and struck his side with his fist. He spun and flurried both of his arms in fierce attempts to strike her. He would thrust his arms forward, swing then sideways and upwards at her: yet he never struck her. She elegantly dodged each blow until finally, she ducked under one of his attempts to hit her and neared herself to his torso. With immense might, she struck his chest with both her fists, which winded him and sent him toppling to the ground.

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