Children’s Stories


Science Fiction | G | Short Story

Follow the intriguing story about friendship and responsibility. A young boy discovers an alien in his small town. This alien is unlike anything he’s ever seen in the movies: it’s just an orb! A floating, glowing, green orb and it becomes his best friend. Naturally, having an alien as a friend has advantages and disadvantages. Be amazed by the artwork on each page and fall in love with this small story that will have a big impact on you.


Faith | G | Video

Bad things happen. Why? Elijah Buchan’s son was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease and shortly after being released from the hospital, Elijah wrote this story to help explain and process what he experienced. Truth is, we don’t know why bad things happen but… we can take comfort knowing there is always a purpose for it: even if we can’t see it.

The Good Animal Series

Faith | G | Picture Book Series

Join a group of animals as they learn life lessons taken straight from the Bible. These lessons include: not stealing, being confident, not lying, being kind, and much more! With imagery being the focal point of these sweet stories, your child will love them instantly!

The Author won’t publish these without artwork. If you have a heart for kids and artwork, please contact us!