A stronger content advisoriy applies to stories marked with the 3/4 charged battery (14A). Scenes of violence, acts of murder, and other wrongs against others can be found in these stories. Due to the content of these stories, they are not recommended for children under 14 years of age. Parents still may want to review the story before allowing their teen access.

A Space Pirate's Life For Me

Science Fiction | 14A | Short Story

A Space Pirate’s Life For Me is an adventurous, sci-fi story following NAX and three other prisoners as they join a crew of Space Pirates on a heist. This funny Short Story is full of twists and turns; it’s a quick, comedic read and is written in an Episode format. Hop on board the HS-1 and read of the trials of this rag-tag crew who are constantly at each other’s throats.


Science Fiction, Historical Fiction | 14A | Novel

Elkadesh is an intriguing story that is set in two different timelines. We follow BESSAI as he, a skilled linguist, joins a team of explorers who are tasked with time travelling. Bessai’s team is sent back the furthest and he finds the earth is unlike anything anyone had previously thought or could have imagined. The story takes a turn from Science Fiction to Historical Fiction as the reader is taken on an adventure full of surprises, romance, alternate realities, and much more!

For As Long As I Can't Remember

Historical Fiction | 14A | Short Story

This thrilling Short Story follows MACKENZIE ADIO who has forgotten everything he once knew. Hoping to restore his memory, his brother Harry encourages him to write his daily experiences in a journal. Unaware of his past, Mackenzie has to travel across the United States of America with his older brother. The reader gets to read firsthand, the raw journal entries of this troubled man as he runs from something he knows nothing about.

Based in the year 1905, join Mackenzie as he struggles to regain his memory and view his perspective as he records a traumatic historical event.

James Cooper: The Painter

Fiction, Murder Mystery | 14A | Novel

This is a daring, emotional, and thrilling murder mystery featuring JAMES COOPER. We follow James through his life as he, and his partner detective Ward, try to solve a frustrating and seemingly impossible murder case. The killer, labeled by the FBI as “the Painter” murders a woman in her home. After which the Painter paints the crime scene, leaving the painting on its canvas stand for the police to find, and orchestrates the scenario to frame the woman’s husband. The story takes twists and turns, bringing the reader through an epic journey spanning seven years.
Who is the Painter? Will James and Ward be able to put the Painter in prison? What will this investigation cost James? His marriage? His life? Find out by joining James as he desperately attempts to solve this case.

Patient Zero

Fiction | 14A | Story

Patient Zero (Patient “Z”) is an apocalyptic story written from two different perspectives:

‘Episodes’ are written by the Author for the reader to understand what is happening behind the scenes of a global plague.

‘Entries’ are written by a journalist in the story as he tries to uncover the truth behind the outbreak.

A thrilling story that has constant twists, betrayals, and epic scenes that will keep you engaged and desperate for the next release!

Start reading the Episodes following a sociopathic group of anarchists and the Entries of a young journalist: J.J. Cooper; just be careful not to get bit!