Science Fiction

A Space Pirate's Life For Me

Science Fiction | 14A | Short Story

A Space Pirate’s Life For Me is an adventurous, sci-fi story following NAX and three other prisoners as they join a crew of Space Pirates on a heist. This funny Short Story is full of twists and turns; it’s a quick, comedic read and is written in an Episode format. Hop on board the HS-1 and read of the trials of this rag-tag crew who are constantly at each other’s throats.


Science Fiction, Historical Fiction | 14A | Novel

Elkadesh is an intriguing story that is set in two different timelines. We follow BESSAI as he, a skilled linguist, joins a team of explorers who are tasked with time travelling. Bessai’s team is sent back the furthest and he finds the earth is unlike anything anyone had previously thought or could have imagined. The story takes a turn from Science Fiction to Historical Fiction as the reader is taken on an adventure full of surprises, romance, alternate realities, and much more!


Science Fiction | G | Children's Story

Follow the intriguing story about friendship and responsibility. A young boy discovers an alien in his small town. This alien is unlike anything he’s ever seen in the movies: it’s just an orb! A floating, glowing, green orb and it becomes his best friend. Naturally, having an alien as a friend has advantages and disadvantages.