Historical Fiction


Science Fiction, Historical Fiction | 14A | Novel

Elkadesh is an intriguing story that is set in two different timelines. We follow BESSAI as he, a skilled linguist, joins a team of explorers who are tasked with time travelling. Bessai’s team is sent back the furthest and he finds the earth is unlike anything anyone had previously thought or could have imagined. The story takes a turn from Science Fiction to Historical Fiction as the reader is taken on an adventure full of surprises, romance, alternate realities, and much more!

For As Long As I Can't Remember

Historical Fiction | 14A | Short Story

This thrilling Short Story follows MACKENZIE ADIO who has forgotten everything he once knew. Hoping to restore his memory, his brother Harry encourages him to write his daily experiences in a journal. Unaware of his past, Mackenzie has to travel across the United States of America with his older brother. The reader gets to read firsthand, the raw journal entries of this troubled man as he runs from something he knows nothing about.
Based in the year 1905, join Mackenzie as he struggles to regain his memory and view his perspective as he records a traumatic historical event.


Historical Fiction | 14A | Short Story Series

This is a six part series on the events that happen in the “intertestamental period” of the Bible which is in between the books of Malachi (last book of the OT) and Matthew (first book of the NT).

In this series we observe the acts (expanded upon through embellishment) of six men:

Alexander the Great, Judas the Macabee, Pompey the Roman, Simon the Zealot, Herod the Great, and Jesus the Christ. This series explains the, biblically unrecorded, events that lead up to Christ’s appearance.