Content Rating for When I Was Younger: PG

The short story, When I Was Younger follows two children who are in a sort of unstable home. Although there is no course language, sexuality, and very little violence, a parent may still want to read this story first before their child does.

Negative views of parental figures are expressed and shown. Two adults are described as always yelling at each other and red faced. Doors being slammed in these arguments is also mentioned.

I child is cuffed by their parent in the back of the head in a diciplinary way, the child sees this as abuse however and the act is exagerated from the child’s perspective.

An adult is said to be “sitting on the couch with a cold drink in hand,” although this drink is never explained to be alcohol.

The two main characters, Ash and Michael, have sword fights with each other and a few enemies along the way.

Other than that, its a clean and fun short story that will challenge the way you think about your own childhood.