Content Rating for the Kingdom of Peace

Kingdoms is a fantastical series that depicts many different ways of death as it is based in the world of Teros, during times of war. In The Kingdom of Peace, we follow many characters of the race known as the Felnir.

The Felnir are feline-like creatures whose survival is dependent on hunting and subsequently; killing. In addition to these, we follow the Orken and, much like The Kingdom of Chaos, characters experience many different ways of death at the hand of this species.

There is no sexual caution for this story. Two characters get married and are seen in their tent together, however, nothing of a sexual sort is mentioned.

A spiritual warning may need to be mentioned. The lore of Kingdoms features a Creator of the world and although we never hear from, see, or have direct encounters with this Creator, the presence of a higher power is quite evident as the story progresses. Also, more and more characters are seen to have supernatural abilities that some may view as sorcery: please note that the powers of these characters do not stem from witchcraft, magic, sorcery, or divination. Teros is a fantastical world and thus the creatures and beings who live within it have access to abilities that would be considered supernatural to our own definition of physics.

Kingdoms is an Author’s Favourite, however, the violence makes this story inappropriate for children of most ages.