Content Rating for A Space Pirate’s Life For Me

A Space Pirate’s Life For Me is a Science Fiction Short Story rated 14A.

This rating is earned due to scenes of action and violence. Characters take the lives of others in scenes throughout the story. Most characters wield blasters: a gun that emits a blast of energy. One scene has a character mention another character’s throat was slit, although no description of the death is given.

There are no sexual or language advisories for this story.

There is a spiritual advisory for this story as there is an alien government in place on a planet that is highly religious in nature and receives worship from the planet’s inhabitants. Terms like priest, worship, and gods are used in some scenes. No positive inclinations are given for the worshiping these beings, however the content is still there.

For the violence and spiritual advisories of this story, it is not suggested for anyone under fourteen years of age. At most times it is a light story filled with comedic elements. If a parent does wish to allow their preteen to read this story, it’s recommended they read it first before allowing their child access.