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Imagine being able to gift clean water...




20% of the proceeds go toward clean water!

With every purchase of this book, 20% of the proceeds from Paperback and Ebook sales will be donated to GFA once we reach $1,400 so a well can be drilled for those who don’t have access to clean water.

About the Author

Elijah Buchan

Elijah is the primary Author here at Green Leaf Writing. He works mainly on publishing books and stories on Patreon and videos on YouTube. But here, at GLW, you’ll be able to sample all of his Stories and read all of his Concepts. Click the image of Elijah to read more about his past, present, and future!

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PS: Elijah’s looking for what he calls a “Big Shot Investor.” He’s got investors and supporters on Patreon, and hey, anyone who SUBSCRIBES to Green Leaf Writing on YouTube is actually a supporter too!

But this Big Shot is going to be something else… They will:

  • Enable biannual book publishings
  • Enable weekly or daily YouTube videos
  • Have unlimited and exclusive access to advertising through Elijah’s reach
  • Have the option to video conference with Elijah daily
  • Partner with Elijah by supporting him fulltime (which would enable all of the above)

If you, or a team of individuals, is interested in becoming Elijah’s Big Shot Investor, visit the connect page and contact Elijah.

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Chapter: a range of Scenes covering either one or multiple events and characters averaging from 3,000 to 7,000 words

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