The Content

The mind's output will reflect the mind's intake.

It’s important to keep your mind and your child’s safe from unwanted content and influence. You will never be surprised by a scene or a word in one of our stories because we let you know what to expect before you even begin reading!

Content Standards:

At Green Leaf Writing, the reader will be fully informed of all content warnings regarding a story. Each story has a featured circle that will inform the reader of the minimum age suggested for viewing that story. Upon clicking the circle, the reader will be taken to a separate page which will disclose what you can expect to find regarding violence, sexuality, spirituality and language for that specific story.

Note that none of the stories at GLW feature graphic, crude, or descriptive sexual content. None of the stories contain witchcraft of any kind. None of the stories feature harsh or crude language or swearing.

The Author allows his convictions to shine through each story by allowing it to be free of many negative elements found in most stories featured in today’s society.

GLW does have stories with violent content but the reader is warned of such while keeping the actual content of the story unspoiled.

Content Ratings:

There are no content advisories for stories marked with the 1/4 charged battery (G). You will find nothing of concern in this story and thus it can be read by audiences of any age.

Stories marked with the 1/2 charged battery (PG) contain minor content advisories. These may include scenes of action, violence, and death. Conflict within families, relationships or government may be found in these stories. Parental Guidance is suggested for these stories.

A stronger content advisoriy applies to stories marked with the 3/4 charged battery (14A). Scenes of violence, acts of murder, and other wrongs against others can be found in these stories. Due to the content of these stories, they are not recommended for children under 14 years of age. Parents still may want to review the story before allowing their teen access.

Severe scenes of violence and graphic descriptions make stories marked with the fully charged battery (M), mature in nature. These stories are not recommended for children of any age.

Now that you’re up to date on our policies regarding content: it’s time to get reading! Visit the stories page to find the perfect story for you!