The Author

Author Information

Age: 26
Profession: Sales Support Administrator, Indie-Author
Dream job: Full-time Writer
Education: Studying for his undergraduate degree in business administration (BBA)
Family: A wife and three kids
Canadian Province: Manitoba
Hobbies & Interests: Writing, a Japanese stretch that involves a katana, Muay Thai, playing guitar and singing with his two-year-old, reading (academic and leisure), Mandarin, Biblical History, family time

Elijah Buchan was born in British Columba, Canada. His love for creative writing was seen early on by his elementary teachers.
In the 2nd grade, his teacher even asked him to dedicate his first book after her. Throughout elementary and moving on into high school, Elijah saw every essay as an opportunity to write something unique and complex. And as his life experience grew, so did his creativity.

His stories, although never hitting paper until his late teens, were slowly born through many hours of roleplaying and forest trekking with his childhood friend and fellow author who writes under the alias: Michael Draw. It was in the lush, green forests of British Columbia that many of Elijah’s stories, characters and plots entered his mind.
Near the end of high school, Elijah finally began putting his fingers to the keyboard and recording the many fables that had found their home in his imagination.

Currently, Elijah resides in Manitoba, Canada and is a husband and father of two children. Over the years, his stories have matured and his love for originality and clean fiction has grown. In between his fulltime job as a sales support administrator, building a family, and university, Elijah writes whenever he can.
The stories in his imaginary worlds are always growing and changing and whenever he can, he records what takes place in these fictional universes.

The Author’s goal is for to be more than just a place for his imagination to be expressed. Eventually, he would like to see it become a place where creative writers from all over the globe can come together and share their imaginations too. Whether it be through concept, art, music, or writing: hopefully GLW will become the home of your imagination too.

Elijah is currently working on


Stories, Short Stories, Concepts, and Articles

Elijah's Goals

  1. Create a website.
  2. Promote GLW via social media.
    1. Instagram – for the artwork
    2. Facebook – for fan fiction
    3. Tumblr?
  3. Create a Patreon account for exclusive content.
  4. Create a YouTube account for Author Reading Time.
  5. Publish Audiobook of “Kingdoms: The Kingdom of Chaos” on iTunes
  6. Publish paperback version of Chaos on Amazon – with exclusive content!
  7. Continue to provide high quality, clean fiction – and a whole lot of it!

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